In this day and age of video streaming, there are more people watching videos now than ever before. I remember when YouTube was first introduced to the public arena. I guess for some of you guys out there reading this are probably saying… Wow! Is this guy really old huh? Okay, enough of that already. LOL

So, I guess you would like to know why I claim and say that every local business needs video huh? Well, if you have a few moments to keep reading this post, I’m going to share with you some solid facts and statistics that will surely convince you that if you are not using video to enhance your business or websites visibility, after reading this…you will find a way to start utilizing the power of video in your marketing and awareness campaigns.

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Before I get into the meat of the subject of “Why Does Every Local Business Need Video” I want to just say that if you have been on the fence about incorporating video into your marketing and awareness efforts, it’s really time to get off right this moment.

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The Top Three Reasons Why Local Business Need Video Commercials

Please understand that there are tons of benefits that we can get from using videos for our marketing and awareness campaigns. But I wish to share with you the main 3 that I believe will appeal to just about everyone.

Reason #1– It is said that when using video for marketing and awareness for websites and local business that video is converting prospects and leads into buyers 64% more than the campaigns that are not using videos for marketing. Wow! can you imagine having 64% better chance of the shoppers that see your products or services become lifetime customers mainly because of you making the wise decision to implement the power of video in your marketing efforts?

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Reason #2- Here’s something that we all probably have a tendency to look over and it is that we are all very visual people or most of us are anyways. I personally have the ability to see things in pictures. So, with me, you have to be careful of what you say around me.  if you know what I mean?

But here’s the something else to think about, Study shows that video increases the ability to understand a product or service by up to 74% of the people that are viewing your material. I don’t know about you but I sure like to understand what it is that I’m about to spend my hard earned cash on.

more understanding up to 74%

Click the image above if you would like to see some great stats on video marketing.

Reason #3- Again I must emphasize that there are many more reasons why we all should be using video to bring about brand awareness for ourselves or for our clients if we are offering any type of marketing services. And to be quite honest for those of us who are offering Website Design Services or anything related we are doing our customers and clients a great disservice if we are not convincing them to add video to their marketing and awareness efforts.

Now here is the main reason why we must incorporate video, Have you ever heard of YouTube? I’m kidding I know you have. But did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world next to Google? Yes the 2nd Largest and to be quite honest the way video is becoming so mainstream when it comes to search, I wouldn’t be surprised if it toppled Google in the first place position.

But, what would Google care seeing that they own YouTube?

So, here’s a little something extra that you can take away from this article. Hold on to your seat because this is going to be a doozy.

Did you know that it’s the best time to start your video marketing? Well, you ask, why is that Felton T.?

I’m glad you ask… If you have the right stuff you can get your video on the first page of Google a whole lot faster and easier with a video rather than attempting to rank an article. And here’s the deal my friend if you have read this post this far down the page, I believe you are ready to start getting free organic traffic and visitors to your offer.

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